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Did You Grow Up In An Abusive/Neglectful Environment?

True Self Recovery & Reclamation

Many of us as children grew up in environments that did not support our authentic true self nature. We may have been victims of abuse, existing in a near-constant state of terror as we struggled on a daily basis just to survive and be who we thought we needed to be in order to have our basic needs met. Gradually, we disconnected from this pure, innate, intensely alive aspect of our being so as to conform to the expectations of others around us – especially our primary caregivers and/or the ‘power-holders’ in our original family system. This disconnection from our primal, core Self was a means of ‘getting by’ and surviving our original family system. As adults, we have the opportunity to both recover and embody our authentic, true self nature so as to reclaim and more fully realize who and what we most truly are. See my articles The Invisible Wounds Of Psycho-Emotional Child Abuseand Recovering And Reclaiming The True Self Lost In Childhood to learn more.

Were you a victim of abuse in your family-of-origin?

Abuse experienced during childhood can negatively impact the adult survivor throughout the duration of their lives, if the silent damage to heart, soul, and mind remains unrecognized, untreated, and unhealed. If the adult survivor of an abusive parent does at some point attempt to address the abuse, it is typical for the parent to deny that maltreatment of the child ever happened. It is common for the parent to blame the child for any negative behaviors displayed by the child toward the parent in an attempt to discredit the child’s or adult survivor’s truthful accounts of the abuse that actually occurred. The parent will often go to great lengths to tell anyone who will listen (other family members, especially) that their adult child has always been “a problem”, is “angry” and “unforgiving”, and other negative descriptions designed to discredit the adult survivor and protect the public image of the parent. Such intentionally aggressive tactics on the part of the parent is simply another unrecognized form of psycho-emotional abuse and further adds to the untold suffering and distress of the adult survivor, who may already be struggling with mental and emotional symptoms… Rebecca C. Mandeville, 2016  [Read the rest of my article here: The Invisible Wounds Of Psycho-Emotional Child Abuse]

What Is The True Self Nature?

The ‘true self nature’ may be defined as that part of ourselves which exists independently of the conditioned self, or ego. Martha Graham, American modern dancer and choreographer, had the following to say about this most precious aspect of our being: “There is a vitality, a life force that is translated through you into action. And because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost.”  At times we may find ourselves existing in environments that do not support our authentic true self expressions (e.g., family-of-origin, school, work, etc). We may gradually disconnect from this pure, innate, intensely alive aspect of our Being so as to conform to the expectations of others around us, resulting in our living less authentic, embodied, emotionally honest lives. Visit my website to learn more about the true self nature at

What Is Transformational Life Coaching and Guidance? 

My transformational life coaching and guidance methods assist individuals in reconnecting consciously to their true self nature, for it is through this conscious reconnection to, and realization of, one’s true self that a person is inwardly and organically guided back to who and what they were always meant to be. Through my transformational guidance, coaching, and mentoring services, clients experience a new-found ability to readjust, reshape and recreate their life so that it is in alignment with what is most essential and integral to his or her true, authentic self.



We May Develop False Identities To Survive

Meeting Clients Where They Are

If I were to ask you right now, “In what situations, or around which people, do you feel most yourself, and most creative, free, and alive”, what would be your answer? Alternatively, if I were to ask you, “In what situations, or around which people, do you not feel like your real, authentic self and/or less than who and what you sense or believe yourself to be?”, how might you respond?Contemplating these questions can be provocative, to say the least, and there may be no obvious or easy answers at first. My intent is to meet you exactly where you are right now, and give you the feedback that you need to assist you in becoming who you were always most truly meant to be.


Experience Uplifting Flow

Experience A Sense Of Flow

What if experiencing increasing levels of well-being included an embodied, felt-sense awareness of ‘flow’, allowing you to capture the very best out of every new possibility that was presented to you? As my client, you will learn how to identify that which is constant, enlivening, and supportive of your overall health and well-being at a Body/Mind/Soul level and then learn how to apply this knowledge of cultivating an easeful sense of “flow” to your everyday, ordinary life.

I invite you to Contact Me to arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if my expert transformational services are right for you.


FREE BRIEF QUIZ – Are You Living As Your True Self?

Rebecca C. Mandeville
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Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA, MACP
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