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Welcome! My name is Rebecca and I’m a licensed Psychotherapist and Transformational Life Coach, Consultant, Educator, and Author. I’m genuinely passionate about helping people free themselves from any form of control, manipulation, and abuse they are experiencing so that they may live in an uninhibited, expansive, and ‘chain-free’ manner. My articles, eGuides, and other online publications, as well as the The ChainFree Living Emotional Heaing and Recovery Forum, are therefore designed to support people in achieving their goals, realizing their dreams, and confidently standing in their truth, unencumbered by fear or self-doubt. You can find out more about my coaching and consulting services by visiting my ChainFree Living Website.

How Disconnection From Our True Self May Leave Us Vulnerable To Emotional Manipulation & Abuse

The ‘true self nature’ may be defined as that part of ourselves which exists independently of the conditioned self, or ego. Martha Graham, American modern dancer and choreographer, had the following to say about this most precious aspect of our being: “There is a vitality, a life force that is translated through you into action. And because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost.”  At times we may find ourselves existing in environments that do not support our authentic true self expressions (e.g., family-of-origin, school, work, etc). We may gradually disconnect from this pure, innate, intensely alive aspect of our Being so as to conform to the expectations of others around us, resulting in our living less authentic, embodied, emotionally honest lives and leaving us vulnerable to being manipulated and controlled by others throughout our adult lives.


Developing False Identities To Survive

If I were to ask you right now, “In what situations, or around which people, do you feel most yourself, and most creative, free, and alive”, what would be your answer? Alternatively, if I were to ask you, “In what situations, or around which people, do you not feel like your real, authentic self and/or less than who and what you sense or believe yourself to be?”, how might you respond? Contemplating these questions can be provocative, to say the least, and there may be no obvious or easy answers at first. This forum provides a place where you can consider many different questions and their possible answers as you dialogue with others on a similar journey of true self recovery and reclamation.

True Self Recovery & Reclamation

Many of us as children grew up in environments that did not support our authentic true self nature. We may have been victims of abuse, existing in a near-constant state of terror as we struggled on a daily basis just to survive and be who we thought we needed to be in order to have our basic needs met. Gradually, we disconnected from this pure, innate, intensely alive aspect of our being so as to conform to the expectations of others around us – especially our primary caregivers and/or the ‘power-holders’ in our original family system. This disconnection from our primal, core Self was a means of ‘getting by’ and surviving our original family system. As adults, we have the opportunity to both recover and embody our authentic, true self nature so as to reclaim and more fully realize who and what we most truly are. 


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Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA, MACP
ChainFree Living Transformational Life Coaching & Guidance Services


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