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WELCOME, NEW MEMBERS! Introductions, Guidelines, & Important Disclaimer
Thank you for registering. Remember to check your email to verify your registration, then go to the 'Control Panel' to set up your profile. Please introduce yourself and read our Community Guidelines and Important Disclaimer.
by chainfreeliving
The Purpose of the ChainFree Living Community Forum
The purpose of the ChainFree Living Online Community is to support anyone who is in the process of freeing themselves from any and all forms of emotional manipulation, control, bullying, and abuse by providing *free* online resources, tools, education, and online peer-support.
1 1 The Purpose of the ChainFree Living Forum
by chainfreeliving
This forum addresses Registration, Log-In, and User Issues. Also includes a User Guide for new members.
1 1 FAQs: Registration Issues, Log-In Issues, and User Guide
by CFLiving
Read My Articles On Living ChainFree
Read my latest published articles addressing recovering from ALL forms of emotional manipulation, control, and abuse, as well as strategies for reconnecting with and reclaiming your true self.
5 5 The ‘Accidental Bully’: How To Deal With The Emotionally Manipulative Adult Bully At Work
by chainfreeliving
Have A Question About Something You Read?
Post your questions for me here, or email your question to me at
1 1 Have a question about something you read in one of my articles? Post here as a 'reply'
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Suggest A Topic You'd Like To See Me Write About!
I publish articles several times a month and am always open to hearing your ideas on what you'd like to see me address and discuss in upcoming articles. Feel free to make your request here!
1 1 Suggest A Topic For Rebecca To Write About
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Start Your Own Topic Here
Not seeing what you're looking for? If you'd like to start a topic discussion, just click on the 'topic' tab and post it here.
1 1 Post A Topic You'd Like To Discuss
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News & Announcements
Check here each visit to stay up to date on what's happening in the ChainFree Living Community.
3 3 New Category: Read My Latest Articles!
by chainfreeliving
Share Your Favorite Inspirational Sayings And Images
Post your favorite memes, quotes, sayings, poems, and images here.
5 3 Never Let Anyone Else Define You...
by chainfreeliving
BLOG: Subscribe To The ChainFree Living Blog & Newsletter
Stay up to date on what's happening within our community and read inspiring articles by subscribing to the 'ChainFree Living Blog'. New posts will be emailed to you every so often. are emailed 3 to 4 times a month.
1 1 Subscribe To The ChainFree Living Blog
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QUIZ: Are You Hiding Behind A Mask?
Is it possible that you are influenced by your past, and the role(s) you played in your family-of-origin, more than you realize? Take this brief quiz and find out.
1 1 QUIZ: Are Your (Unconsciously) Chained To Your Past?
by CFLiving
Suggest A Category Or Topic
Feel free to suggest categories and topics you'd like to see us add in the future. We are adding categories and topics on a weekly basis.
1 1 Suggest A Category Or Topic
by chainfreeliving
Post Your Photo Albums Here
Feel free to post your photo albums here; you can create them by going into your Profile via the Control Panel. Just remember that they can be viewed publicly. Include attribution if necessary or required.
2 2 ChainFree Living's Photo Album
by chainfreeliving
Codependency Recovery With Shellie Krick, MSW
Postings and Discussions on issues related to codependency and enabling, and how to develop healthy boundaries and mutually respectful, reciprocal relationships.
3 3 What is enmeshment?
by shellie
How To Recognize Emotional & Psychological Manipulation
Emotional and psychological manipulation can be insidious. Learn how to recognize this kind of toxic, damaging behavior.
2 2 Passive-Aggressive Behavior: A Covert Form of Emotional / Mental Abuse In Relationships
by chainfreeliving
Dealing With The Emotionally Manipulative Bully At Work
Whether it's your boss or co-worker, dealing with an emotionally manipulative, aggressive, or passive-aggressive person at work can wreak havoc at the office and negatively impact your health. Read my article on this specific type of bullying and contribute to the discussion!
2 2 How To Recognize Emotional and Psychological Manipulation
by chainfreeliving
12 Steps To Break Free From The Role Of 'Family Scapegoat'
"Did you grow up having doubts about your self esteem or personal worth? When things went wrong in your family, did you tend to be the fall guy? Do you find yourself encountering recurring disrespect from friends or colleagues? Do you feel unsure of yourself and/or have difficulty experiencing trust in relationships?" Read this article by counselor Glynis Sherwood regarding how to break free of your family scapegoat role once and for all.
1 1 12 Steps to Breaking Free from Being the Family Scapegoat
by chainfreeliving
Individuating From Your Family-Of-Origin: Why It's Important
In this forum we explore the role(s) we may have played in our original family system growing up (e.g., 'hero', 'scapegoat', 'the lost child', etc), and how we may still be unconsciously living out these dysfunctional and/or limiting roles as adults today - making us vulnerable to being a target for emotional manipulation, control, bullying, and other forms of abuse.
13 5 12 Steps to Breaking Free from Being the Family Scapegoat, by Glynis Sherwood
by chainfreeliving
Was It 'Sub-Par Parenting' Or Actual Abuse / Neglect?
Psycho-Emotional child abuse can be quite insidious and is not always easy to identify. Learn more about identifying whether or not you may be an adult survivor of less obvious forms of child abuse.
1 1 Wondering If You Grew Up In An Abusive/ Neglectful Environment?
by chainfreeliving
Share Your Resources and Links Here
Share resources and links on recoverying from emotional manipulation, control, bullying, and abuse that you have found helpful.
2 1 "It Is A Question Of Experiencing Everything..."
by shellie
Private Online Discussion Groups Available
If you'd like to share on more sensitive matters off of the public forum, it may be possible to start a private group where you can post topics and share with members only, if the subject matter is suitable for our forum. Contact me at and let me know what private groups you'd like me to consider starting.
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